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Welcome to the XML Manager library. 

With the XML Manager SDK, we make it easier to integrate your existing XML File infrastructure with the XML manager (shown below). You'll never need to look at your XML Files in a text editor again and you'll have the full power of our viewer for searching, filtering and navigating your XML files.


What is XML Manager?

xml manager goes beyond where no text-based xml has gone before.

  • The most powerful xml Framework ever! 
  • See Live xml in any environment with our amazing Live Viewer.
  • You can any developer use it to can work very easily in manage xml ("by using dll file").

Getting Started

  1. Download and install the xml manager.
  2. To view XML file and create/edit run the XmlManager.exe file.
  3. To use the XML library as a developer go to installation place and get the xmlManager.dll and put it in your project.

Another Project - MyRouter

MyRouter 2.0 has been officially released! and is now available for free  download on our new website at  


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